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School & Clinic of Body Mechanics Therapy


Following in the foot steps of Olive (Sarling) Collins
Laura Breen has a natural passion for the
Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics Therapy.

As Grandaughter to Olive, the founder of the Sarling Technique, Laura is dedicated to continuing to educate therapists in this proven, effective therapy and to providing excellent standards of treatment to a variety of patients from her Bedfordshire clinic. Laura also teaches the therapy, and offers consultancy and lecturing on prevention of back pain and RSI through good musculo-skeletal alignment.


Continual professional development courses

at Tyler Academy

In addition to the full Diploma courses in Body Mechanics Therapy, we also offer one or two day CPD courses to enhance the skills of the qualified massage therapist. With a range of courses that will suit Body Mechanics Therapists, sports therapists, beauty therapists, aromatherapists and more.

Our upcoming CPD days include

HOT STONE MASSAGE one day course teaching the relaxing, soothing art of hot stone massage; both for use a relaxation treatment, and how to use to compliment your existing therapy, bringing warmth and depth to deep tissue massage, or soothing heat to aromatherapy.

ERGONOMICS & PREVENTION OF INJURY a one day course teaching vital skills and techiques to prevent  repetetive strain injuries and back pain which commonly affect therapists and can be avoided with the right advice.



Baby Bliss 


Like a smile, touch can speak a thousand words...

Explore the amazing world of baby massage and discover an abdundance of benefits for you & your little one... From reduced colic to improved sleep! Laura's baby massage classes include advice for preventing alignment issues from birth, in keeping with the Sarling technique of Body Mechanics therapy. 



Professional, fashionable, salon wear


Our extensive range of salon wear for therapists has now moved to it's own independant site, please click here to be forwarded to salon-wear.net, the new home for professional fashionable salon wear!We supply a variety of tunics in fashionable colours as well as the standard black or white uniforms.Perfect for a smart professional image for both beauty therapists & complimentary therapy practioners