The clinic offers a variety of sessions to address your needs

  • Antenatal relaxation massage
  • Remedial Body Mechanics Therapy treatments for pregnancy
  • Labour massage tuition for your partner


Pregnancy is an exciting yet stressful time, your body is rapidly changing and your hormones are running wild, while you prepare emotionally and physically for the amazing yet daunting future of birth and motherhood. What better time is there to pamper your self with an hour of relaxing, soothing massage?

Body Mechanics Therapy sessions are easily adapted to be suitable for pregnancy, to treat specific conditions such as back pain, joint aches, tight legs etc... Enjoy an hour of BMT treatment to ease away the stresses and strains of your changing shape, or to address existing conditions safely and effectively.

Why not bring your partner along for a massage tutorial, to equip them with the skills and confidence to soothe your labour pains? Often birth partners feel somewhat 'useless' as they feel there is nothing they can do to help; empower your partner with the ability to give firm, safe, effective massage when you need it most. Simple techniques are taught to allow your partner to give firm consistant pressure, and most importantly, how to maintain this pressure with out causing their own back or hands to ache - so that you benefit from the massage for longer!

All of the above sessionsare priced at £35 per hour and can be booked at the clinic by calling

07050 61 60 60


After the arrival of your little one, consider the benefits of Baby Massage,
a skill that will, amoung many other benefits, enable you to soothe your baby to a better nights' sleep!