Do you have a group of friends interested in baby massage classes? Perhaps you are looking for something different to entertain guests at a 1st birthday party, get together with your friends from 'Mums & Tots' or would like to plan a reunion with the new mums you met at ante natal classes? Your own group of friends will make an excellent setting for learning baby massage, in a social environment with company you know that you enjoy. Better still, if you arrange a party with your friends then you'll benefit from our hostess bonus and get your place free!


Arranging your own Baby Massage Party

All of your guests will benefit from a great price of only £10 a class!

Don't forget, as a little thank you for hosting the party at your venue, The hostess/host goes FREE!

You will often find when you ask around that it's easy to find mums (and Dads!) who are interested in learning baby massage. Some 'non-parents'  & grandparents also enjoy the classes to use when baby-sitting their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc!

If you are interested in hosting a party, we will supply you with a hostess pack free of charge, to help organise your party & ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The hostess pack includes

  • Invites to your party
  • Leaflets and literature to inform your friends about Baby Massage
  • Baby Bliss pen
  • 'Yummy Mummy' Note pad / or 'A note from Daddy' Pad
  • Suggestions for games & activities to turn the event in to a party for the little- ones after your class.
  • Full instructions on arranging & booking your event
  • Booking form & envelope to send in your party details
  • Voucher for 'hostess goes free' to use at your party

If you are interested in arranging your own party and don't have a specific set of Parents and babies in mind, you may want to consider asking some of the following...

  • Parents who attend your babies current activities, such as music club, swimming lessons etc.
  • Parents who attend your Mums & Tots group
  • Neighbours, Friends & Family with little ones
  • New Mums from your older childs school
  • Parents you met at Antenatal classes
  • All of thoes local Mums you meet at the shops, bump in to at baby clinic or the Dr's surgery, park etc saying 'we must get together sometime...!'

How many friends do I need to book a baby massage party of my own?

If you would lik to host a part all we require is 5 participants.

We recommend a maximum of 12 guests, 10 is a nice comfortable manageable number. If you have a large group of participants, then consider two separate party dates, or one session after another.

Parties are available at various times of day to fit in to your schedule, so if you have a specific time and date in mind we will do our best to accommodate you.

For further information, or to receive a hostess pack FREE

Please call Laura Breen on 07050 61 60 60

Or email

Alternatively click here to REQUEST A HOSTESS PACK.