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Body Mechanics Therapy Diploma Course  

Following your application you will need to pay your course fee's to complete enrolement for the next acadmeic year, which starts in September. If you have not yet applied for a place, please do so before making a payment. You can do this by applying on line, or using the contact page to request an application form.

Most students will be enroling on the 3 year course, unless you have current knowledge of basic massage and anatomy, in which case you may be eligible for the 2 year course. Your enrolement form will state which is relevent for you.


Student Kit 

As described in the section on course fee's, sutdents studying the full diploma course will need to purchase a uniform as well as the Body Mechanics Therapy Manual.


BMT Module study 


Students who do not wish to study for the full diploma course may apply to study individual modules. Each module consists of 2 days formal training & an additional 20 hours of in clinic experience.  


Assessment fee's 

Not applicable to module study students

As described in the course fee's section, payment for your external assessments is due in your final year, all internal assessments are included in the course fee's.

This payment includes 3 external practical assessments.



If you are applying for your course in advance and have been asked to leave a deposit before full payment is made on enrolement, please use this option.


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