The Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics Therapy syllabus consists of 20 modules which are taught alongside the core subjects of

Remedial massage

Precision exercise



1. Introduction to BMT, posture & musculo-skeletal alignment

2. Professionalism & couch procedure, safe body use for the therapist, massage techniques to avoid back pain etc.

3. Muscular & Skeletal anatomy

4. Feet and the lower limbs theory & treatment

5. Sarling exercise technique for back care & teaching back care schools to patients. Prevention of back pain.

6. Palpation, theory & practice of palpating soft tissues and bony prominences - 'learning to see with your hands'

7. Clinical rehabilitation massage

8. Sports injuries, treatment, prevention, safe warm up procedures.

9. Pathologies

10. Sarling technique of precision rehabilitation exercise & precise movement.

11. Advanced anatomy of muscular attachments, connective tissues and the spine.

12.Anatomy and treatment of the neck and upper limbs.

13. Relaxation techniques, stress management, and teaching relaxation group classes.

14. Treatment during Pregnancy, anti and post natal exercise and body awareness advice.

15. Limited mobility, treating the elderly, self help advice and exercise, theory of the aging process.

16. Children's educational exercise syllabus.

17. Manual Lymphatic drainage, neuro lymphatic points & theory of the lymphatic system.

18. Treatment and advice for arthritic conditions, exercise for joint care & home care to relieve pain.

19.Treating therapists, common conditions in massage therapists & specific massage techniques.

20. Living anatomy & revision of previous anatomy modules.