The Tyler Clinic offers group therapy sessions for sports groups, care homes, and children.

These sessions are held in conjunction with the Tyler Academy so as to offer excellent value for money to patients, and a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice their skills.

The group therapy scheme has been designed to get the Tyler clinic out in to the community, where we can provide Body Mechanics Therapy to thoes who may other wise not have the opportunity to recieve it.

Group therapy sessions are tailored to the participants needs, be it joint care for the elderly or prevention of injury for young sports persons. In keeping with the idea's of Body Mechanics, sessions involve a great deal of self help advice, and progressive remedial exercises. This is complimented by hands on treatment where necesary. Below are just a few examples of what Group Therapy we can offer.

Joint care

Aches and pains in the joints become common as we naturally age. Unfortunately many people simply suffer with it in the belief that little can be done, or that therapy is too expensive. It is true that Arthritis can not yet be cured, but with some simple advice, regular mobility exercise, and hands on techniques, arthritic pains and other joint conditions can be significantly improved. The sessions are fun, therapeutic and   informative, encouraging active participation and treating each participant as an individual within the class.

The joint care Group therapy programme

Just £12.50 per person, for a 90 minute session of joint therapy

What does the session involve?

  • A short introduction to who we are and how we can help.
  • An informative talk on self help for joint pain.
  • Gentle remedial exercises. Participants will be encouraged to use gentle safe exercises to mobilise their joints and prevent the stiffness which causes pain.
  • Hands on therapy, by Laura Tyler BM therapist, assisted by students of the Tyler Academy. A schedule will be organised by which patients alternate between various therapeutic treatments. This allows us to achieve great results in a short period of time, using electro therapies such as Ultra Sound to reduce pain and swelling,, warm wax baths to sooth aching hands, while others spa tired feet, or have a gentle remedial massage, etc.
  • A brief question and answer session for participants to express queries or ask for further advice.

General information

All therapy is conducted fully clothed, aside from rolling up sleeves or removing socks! The entire session is carried out over  approx 90 minutes, depending on the amount of participants.We can visit groups at their own centre, or alternatively arrange sessions in our venue.

Please call to book: 07050 61 60 60



Preventing injuries in sport

Having treated so many un-necesary sports injuries, Laura is keen to encourage good body use from the start preventing injury thorugh safe exercise and good posture. These sesions are beneficial to both the adults and children alike, they can be addapted to suit the age group and sporting interests of the participants. Childrens sessions involve games to put accross the message of Body Mechanics in a fun and informative way

Injury prevention programme

What does the session involve?

  • A brief introduction to how standing and moving well will both reduce the chance of injury and improve their skills, with improved mobility and accuracy of movement.
  • Games to encourage understanding and improve posture.
  •  The importance of a good safe warm up, and how to prepare for sport. Both in General and with specific reference to the relevent sport of the group.
  • Posture and movement assessment. Participants are given a simple individual plan of improvement, which can be progressed at each session. This is discussed with the parents at childrens classes, so that they can aid their childs development at home.
  • Gentle simple exercises are set to assist in posture improvement, and to rebalnce the musculo-skeltal system.
  • Basic Injury advice, and how to know when treatment is required.
  • Questions and answers

Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions with their child, so that information can be reinforced at home.