Prospective students information

Passionate about anatomy and the human body?

Are you looking for an exciting new career, where you actually see results?

Or maybe you are already in the field of physical therapy and are looking to enhance your current carrer with new skills?

Do you teach exercise or sport and want to enhance your knowledge in safe exercise & the prevention of injury?

Would you like to study so as to gain a better understanding of how to help your friends and family relieve aches and pains?

Are you interested in physical therapy? There are many routes you can take to becoming a physical therapist, and many different therapies to choose from. Physiotherapists, Sports therapists, Chiropractors, Body Mechanics therapists... they all treat soft tissue pains and injuries, in a multitude of ways....

So what does Body Mechanics have to offer?

  • Body Mechanics is a natural therapy, we do not click or crack bones. With out muscles our skeleton would not move alone, therefore we correct skeletal miss-alignment through muscular rebalancing. Therapists achieve this through hands on techniques, stretching & releasing tight muscles, then encourage patients to strengthen weaker muscles for a more permanant effect.

  • The BMT patient is encouraged to take responsibility of their own healing, and to complete a regular routine of remedial exercise in order to rebalance muscles and relieve pain.

  • Body Mechanics looks for the root cause of problems and treats a person as a whole, rather than addressing individual injuries.

  • Body Mechanics takes an indepth look at posture and body use, correcting habits that prevent recovery or cause vulnerability to further injury.

  • BMT looks to the future - we are dedicated to educating the public in the prevention of pain and injury. Olive Glasgow Collins - Founder of the technique, is currently working on a scheme to take BMT in to schools, teaching good habits before bad ones set in.

Why the Tyler Academy?

  • As a small school we can offer flexibility that larger organisations are unable to.
  • The school is run by Laura Breen, Grand daughter of the founder of BMT. So teachings are true to the original intentions and have not been altered or 'watered down'.
  • The Tyler Academy offers regular tutorials - Ongoing assessment of your progress ensures that students get the support they need before getting behind with work.
  • Classes are small - allowing one on one attention where it is required.
  • The Tyler Academy is a modern school that offers dynamic learning environments, bringing to life subjects that are often taught entirely as theory with pen and paper; where else would you learn anatomy with body paints rather than just text books?! Laura brings her skills as a make up artist in to the classroom to teach living anatomy hands on, painting structures & soft tissues on to live models.