Baby massage can provide valuable quality time to bond with your baby, so many parents like the idea of learning 'just the two of us' where Mum/Dad and baby can enjoy your tutors one on one tuition. You are welcome to bring your partner and learn as a family. These one to one classes are held at the clinic allowing flexible booking availability, with the option of day or evening appointments.

Other parents may prefere the social environment of group classes, where you'll have the opportunity to socialise with more new Mums and Dads. If you have a group of friends who would like to create your own Baby Massage group, this can be arranged for both one off lessons and courses of 3 sessions, why not arrange a class for your mums & tots group, or a 1st birthday? What ever the occasion baby massage parties are a great way to get together with like-minded Mums in your life.

How much do Classes cost?

We offer two forms of baby masage tuition; one to one classes, and baby massage parties.

One to one classes are priced at £39 for an hour session.

If you book a 'Baby Massage party' with your own group of friends, then the host receives their place FREE! Further more all of your guests will benefit from the great price of £10 each.

Family friendly pricing -
Prices are all per person, NOT per baby, so regardless of wether you are bringing one baby or triplets, you only pay once. One to one classes may include both parents if you wish, at no extra charge.

What will I learn?

You will learn basic, effective relaxing techniques to massage your baby safely and confidently. What oils are suitable to use, the benefits of baby massage, and when you shouldn't massage your baby.

Many parents find a follow up session beneficial, so as to gain confidence in their technique and re-cap on what they have learned, how ever additional classes are entirely optional.

Additional classes are available to perfect your relaxation and basic massage moves, learn techniques for specific conditions, and to learn baby facial massage; which, because it's done face to face, can be an intense bonding experience, as your little one snuggles to your stroking finger tips...

To learn all of the above, a set of 3 classes is recommended for group sessions, or 2 classes for one to one sessions (as with less students more can be taught per session.)

 A set of 2 one to one sessions is available at the reduced price of £72.

As set of 3 group classes is available at the reduced price of £24 (£8 per class per person instead of £10 per person)

How old does my baby need to be?

You can massage your baby from birth, but our classes start after your baby has had their 6/8 week check. Classes for younger babies can be arranged as one to one sessions, with approval from your midwife. When considering a lesson with your younger baby, remember that new born babies will not have the concentration span of older babies, and may rather sleep after a few minutes!

Classes are available for babies in two age brackets

1. Pre - crawlers, for the tiny ones. This class is for babies from 8 weeks until crawling.

2. Little movers. This class is for babies on the move! Once your little one can crawl, they may rather sit than lay for a massage, this class caters for fidgety little ones perfectly, with alternative massage positions etc.

So try to aim for either pre crawlers or little movers at your party, we can how ever work with a mixed class if need be.