For graduates of the Body Mechanics Therapy full Diploma course, an additional year of advanced study is available to further your knowledge and increase your skills as a therapist.

The advanced course is designed to encourage the therapist in continual professional development, furthering their knowledge through structured research projects and improving upon skills learnt in the full diploma course. Students are expected to be working practitoners throughout the year, drawing upon their ever increasing experience for the project work involved.

The course consists of 10 key subjects and two ongoing projects.

The Advanced course involves

10 lessons and 10 tutorials in the following format

Lesson: Brief on Project at hand, tuition on basic subject matter and requirements for the project. Further suggested reading and guidance given to enable the student to work on the project as home study.

2 weeks after lesson, Tutorial: Project to date checked to ensure work is to the high standard expected and that the student has a clear understanding of the topic. An opportunity to ask any questions on the subject and to recieve further direction with regard to project work.

Project due in for official verrification at the following lesson.

The ongoing projects will be discussed at the initial lesson and then periodically checked through out the course where applicable at tutorials. All students will have access to further tutorials if additional support is required. Students are offered in clinic practice along side the theory ellement of the course if they wish to continue to shadow a therapist as in the diploma course to further their practical diagnostic and massage skills.