Laura Breen is an experienced Body Mechanics therapist & teacher, keen on the prevention of back pain and repetetive strain injuries through education. Laura offers consultancy services to corporate groups or individuals, to improve posture and body use for the prevention of back pain and RSI. Group lectures or work shops can also be arranged to teach posture and alignment for training days in the work place, safe exercise for sports groups, or to teach good posture in children before problems set in.

Very often the injuries presented in clinic are avoidable, and the most effective, long term solution is to change the habits that are causing them. This is certainly true in the modern work place, where staff work long hours and develop bad body use habits that they are entirely unaware of until pain sets in.

Consultancy is tailored to your requirements, Laura will observe and correct alignment issues, with posture advice, body use analysis, and remedial exercise to re balance teh musculo-skeletal system.

The Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics Therapy is based on the principle that the skeletal muscles in our bodies work in pairs; one shortens as it's opposing muscle lengthens to create movement. If we contstantly use the same movement in one direction, with out offering the counter movement, then over time one muscle will shorten and tighten, as the other over stretches, leaving you vulnerable to pain and injury.

Many occupations involve a high level of physical work, and it is common to see the body used poorly not only in static positions sat at a desk, but also in the persons dynamic moving posture. Often body use patterns not only cause imbalance in the muscles, but they may use the wrong muscles groupls for the task at hand. For example liftying with a bent back, or massaging using power from the arms and shoulders, rather than from the stronger abdominal and leg muscles. The small muscles of our forearms are designed for fine motor movement, not deep pressure, yet they are commonly miss-used in this way.

Laura teaches participants to use their bodies correctly, in good alignment, and with minimal strain on muscles and joints in the process.