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Laura Tyler is an experienced Body Mechanics Therapist, passionate in her work she specialises in back care and body alignment. Back pain is a common ailment that a majority of people will suffer from at some point in their lives. It can be frustrating and debilitating, often leading to long periods of sick leave at work, and an inability to go about normal sporting and social activities.

The Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics Therapy offers relief from both chronic, long term back ache and acute injuries, gradually rehabilitating patients back to a healthy active life style.


Clinical Treatment prices


Senior therapist 


Initial consultation and treatment £42

1 hour treatment £42

30 minute treatment £23


Junior therapist treatment prices

Initial consultation £38

1 hour treatment £38

30 minute treatment £21 


All treatments are carried out at our Flamstead clinic.

"Skeletal muscles work in pairs - as one group shorten during movement, the opposing muscle group must lengthen. When muscles are correctly balanced, strain on the skeleton is minimised."
(Olive Glasgow-Collins, founder of BMT the Sarling Technique.)

Hence the way in which we walk, stand, sit and move, all have an affect on our muscular skeletal systems. Repetetive movements, or consistant bad posture will gradually cause an imbalance that leads to pain. Laura can advise you on all ellements of posture, and body use, ensuring that you avoid unecesary strain on your joints, and maintain good muscular and skeletal alignment.

Simple changes can make a significant difference to your back pain. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility of their own back care, to make corrections to their posture, and to be aware of daily body use patterns that may be detrimental to their recovery. This allows patients to take control of their recovery and help them selves, by preventing further pain and easing their current condition.

The self help advice is complimented by clinical massage techniques, to release shortened tight muscles, and allow the body to return to it's natural balance.

The benefits of this technique do not stop at back pain - Laura can address sports injuries, joint pain, RSI, sciatic pains, and musculo-skeltal missalignment through out the body.

Laura has had much success in helping patients in the recovery and prevention of sports injuries, and to avoid recurring injury through an indepth analysis of posture and gait.

A lack of balance is often the route cause of reccuring niggles, and can make soft tissues vulnerable to more serious injuries. With simple self help advice, sports persons can learn to manage their own allignment, and avoid unnecesary injury. This is especially important in young children, who have the opportunity to develop good body paterns, and a healthy posture, with solid flexible foundations at the foot of it all...

Many young dancers & footballers have proven Laura's theory correct that good foot placement and gait can have an amazing effect on their sporting potential - Not only do they find them selves less vulnerable to injury, but flexible healthy feet lead to more fluid movement and improved ball skills!

Of course this can be applied to all sports where movement is essential; because a supple, well balanced body is capable of safer, more accurate movements, and flexible well placed feet will help to absorb impact from movement, protecting the joints through your ankles, knee's hips and back

Similarly, good posture and gait in daily life will help to avoid joint pain from impact. Laura can advise thoes suffering from joint aches and arthritic pains on how to manage their bodies to minimise strain on joints.

It is a myth that nothing can be done about arthritic pain, and a myth that Laura is keen to prove wrong! Although unfortunately arthritis can not yet be cured, Laura is confident that with the Sarling technique of BMT she can aleviate your pain and help you to help your self. Hands on clinical massage will loosen tight muscles that pull on joints, and passive movement is used to help 'oil' them. Techniques are used to relieve the stiffness, and gentle movement is encouraged to maintain the results. Patients have reported significant benefit from the treatment, many feel that they have more strength and mobility in the joints.

The list of conditions this treatment can address is practically endless, from Back pain, to lymphatic drainage, joint care and sports injuries, this simple, logical technique has helped many patients, and it could help you.

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