Frequently asked questions about the BMT Diploma course

What does the course involve?

The course consists of theory & hands on hours plus home study. Over the first 2 years you will complete 20 monthly sessions of 15 hours over 2 days. These sessions are the basis of your formal training which will be complimented by in clinic study.

The third year will consist of a further 10 monthly sessions at 7 hours each, in clinic study, and a higher volume of home study. In clinic study is an essential part of the course, giving you confidence in clinic, vital experience and optimal learning opportunities. The minimum requirement for in clinic study is 500 hours. In clinic hours will be completed between two clinical environments - along side a qualified therapist in a working clinic, and in an informal clinic, where patients are invited to be treated by students under your tutors supervision.

You will learn

 The theory of Body Mechanics.

 Practical skills and a combination of hands on treatment techniques.

 Analysis of posture and body use patterns.

 A series of remedial exercises to rebalance the muscular skeletal system, and minimize strain on joints.

 Living anatomy - in addition to the basic Anatomy & Physiology requirements, students are taught hands on practical anatomy.

Who is the qualification recognised by?

As a complimentary therapy Body Mechanics works along side the medical profession; clinics build up a rapport with the local G.P’s receiving referrals where it is felt the therapy can assist in a patient's treatment. Body Mechanics Therapy is recognized by the Association of Light Touch Therapists, and the British complimentary Medicine Association, who qualified practitioners may register with.

What will I receive on completion of the course?

On completion of the course you will receive a Diploma in Body Mechanics Therapy, and the right to use the letters MBMT. Dip after your name. You will also be able to register with the above associations, and so use the letters ALTT and BCMA. Unlike many other therapies, BMT requires 500 hours of in clinic study throughout your training. Because of this you will qualify not only with the knowledge, but importantly, also the experience necessary to practice with confidence. You will leave the School as a fully qualified practitioner with access to ongoing information and guidance from both the Tyler Academy and the Association of BMT, to whom you will be registered on completion of your course.

What can I achieve with a BMT Diploma?

The opportunities are endless! Those who have studied Body Mechanics Therapy have gone on to work either as hands on therapists, to teach safe exercise, to advise on posture in the work place, to lecture on safe body use, to advise sports persons on prevention of injury, to work with youth groups or schools….and so much more. The diploma can also be used as a stepping stone towards a career in teaching BMT, or as an enhancement to your current career, be it in exercise, remedial therapy, or working with children – teaching good habits before bad body patterns set in!

When does the course begin?

The full Diploma course begins in September each year

How do I begin?

Fill in an online application form or view our enrolement procedure