Baby Bliss was born out of Laura's own journey in to motherhood and her personal discovery of the benefits that massage brings to both parent and baby.

Baby Bliss encompasses

* Pregnancy massage, to relax and pamper Mum to be

* Labour Massage lesons to empower Dad/partner with the ability to provide comfort and relief during labour when Mum needs it most,

*Baby Massage Lessons to teach Mum & Dad to massage their baby with a loving, nurturing touch.

The bond between parent and child is something truly special, any thing you can do to encourage and nurture that bond is special in it's self. Baby Massage can enhance the natural bonding process, and as part of a bed time routine encourage restful sleep - which is beneficial to the entire family!

Laura Teaches baby Massage as both individual lessons and group classes in a party environment, so as to suit the individual whether you enjoy the social aspect of learning in a group environment meeting other new mums and dads, or would rather a one to one with your tutor.

Discover more about the benefits of Baby Massage

Baby Bliss is currently taking bookings for Baby Massage Parties, enjoy a group lesson with your friends & get your own place in the class FREE for hosting a party!

Payment -          

You may pay in advance online, send a cheque, or pay on the day with either cash or cheque.

Pay in advance to earn a 10% discount on group classes & parties!