Baby Massage is an enjoyable and fullfilling experience for parents to share with their baby which has become more popular over the recent years as research consistantly supports the suggestion that it can bring many benefits to both baby and parent.


Laura Breen is a certified Baby Massage instructor offering the choice of one to one classes or group sessions to suit the individual.    

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 The Benefits of Baby Massage

Loving, positive, touch is an important part of a baby's daily life. Health professionals & Mid wives recommend 'skin to skin contact' with new born babies, and this can be re-enforced with massage as part of the natural bonding process.

Baby Massage is a special 'quality time' to spend together, teaching your baby to communicate through touch, reaction and expression.

The simple and effective technique of Baby Massage empowers parents with the skills to soothe their baby, improving confidence through an ability to do something positive for baby them selves. This is especially important for first time parents who may feel overwhelmed by new responsibilities and the presence of so much 'advice' from the world of medical professionals and dab - hand parents alike!

Massage encourages enhanced bonding with Mummy & Daddy, which makes baby feel loved & secure. This increased bonding is especially beneficial to Mothers who suffer with Post Natal Depression and may feel detached from their baby. Equally it is a useful tool to encourage the family to unite after separation, if baby has been in Intensive Care for example.

Babies enjoy their massage time, often smiling & giggling throughout -

 - Happy babies make happy parents!

Just like adults, babies find a soothing touch very calming; baby massage induces a state of relaxation which encourages a more peaceful night's sleep when used as part of a bed time routine.

To give a massage is a calming experience, especially when the tiny baby under your finger tips oozes relaxation and softens to your touch. Many parents find baby massage to be an excellent wind - down activity at the end of a hard day... be it long hours at the office or hours of feeds and nappy changes!

The natural oils used will nourish babies skin, which alongside improved circulation is beneficial to ease patchy dry skin that many new borns suffer with.

Just like adults, babies get up tight and can be unaware of how to relax, constant muscular tightness inhibits flexibility, so regular gentle massage can encourage supple muscles.

Specific strokes are used to address the nervous system, stimulating the nerves which calm, and soothing the nerves which excite.

 The interaction and touch involved in body massage can help to develop babies spacial awareness.

Just like adult massage, Baby massage brings about physiological benefits due to increased circulation and stimulation of the digestive system. This helps to...

Reduce wind, colic, constipation, and the pain associated with these conditions.

Improve general health and development through stimulation of the body systems.

Promote healthy development of skin and muscle tone.

 Specific Techniques can be applied for babies who require regular physiotherapy due to medical conditions, such as gentle tapping to help ease fluid off the chest, lymphatic drainage.